Paving the Way for a Growing Community: US 36 Added Travel Lanes Phase 1


Phase I of the US 36 Added Travel Lanes project was successfully completed in July 2023, designed by RQAW|DCCM. The recent growth of Avon significantly influenced the initiation of the project, as it led to heightened safety concerns and increased traffic in this very commercialized area. Project Manager Lisa Casler, PE and Public Involvement Lead Joe Dabkowski, PWS collaborated with INDOT Crawfordsville District, the Town, and community members to develop a design that addressed concerns and created long-term solutions without public controversy. The first phase of this project included roadway design, environmental documentation, waterway permitting, and utility coordination, all completed by RQAW|DCCM. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1: RQAW | DCCM was recently awarded the 2023 ACEC Engineering Excellence Merit Award for Phase I of the US 36 Added Travel Lanes project.

US 36 originally featured two travel lanes, two through-lanes, no center median, and a central left turn. This layout became a safety concern due to left-turning vehicles having to cross three travel lanes to get to the adjacent road (See Figure 2). To enhance both safety and traffic flow, RQAW|DCCM worked with INDOT Crawfordsville District and the Town of Avon to develop a design that transformed the roadway into three travel lanes in each direction as well as a center median along with designated right and left turn lanes.

Figure 2: US 36 & Ronald Reagan Intersection before Construction

Community involvement and input were a top priority for RQAW|DCCM throughout the project, as each stage required significant coordination. Lisa and Joe actively engaged with the public, addressing comments and concerns through public hearings and information meetings, which allowed for maximum transparency and communication with business owners and residents of the community. This proactive approach resulted in no public controversy throughout the development of the project, leading to a remarkable level of community support. Joe expressed appreciation about collaborating with a community that strongly advocated for the project, stating:

RQAW|DCCM is currently designing Phase II of the three phase added travel lanes project, scheduled to bid in Fall 2027.

For more information and project photos click here.

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