US 36 Added Travel Lanes Phase 1

Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District

Paving the way for a growing community
Challenge: The recent growth of Avon significantly influenced the initiation of the project, as it led to heightened safety concerns and increased traffic in this very commercialized area.
Solution: US 36 from Shiloh Park Drive to Raceway Road was the first phase of a large-scale corridor improvement plan. RQAW | DCCM obtained traffic counts, developed a corridor model, and created an analysis to guide and refine the limits of this added travel lanes project. Through our findings, our team addressed the excessive traffic volumes by recommending an additional third travel lane in eastbound and westbound directions by proposing converting existing shoulders into travel lanes, turning the existing two-way left turn lane (TWLTL) into a curbed center median, and improving impacted intersections. Our approach resulted in no public controversy while minimizing construction costs, high crash rates, and the need for land acquisition.





 2023 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Award Competition

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