Vincennes University to Build French Quarter Style Student Housing

Vincennes University is collaborating with the RQAW Vincennes office to create a new dynamic type of student housing that will stretch four city blocks at the edge of campus between 2nd Street and the riverfront.  While only in conceptual design, the buildings aim to reflect 1800s New Orleans French Quarter Creole townhomes. With their two- to three-story massing, they are symmetrically arranged with steep roofs and lacy ironwork, as well as the iconic continuous second floor balcony across the facade of all the buildings. The property will house approximately 200 bedrooms with walk-in-closets and private bathrooms in mostly two-story buildings, while one three-story building will boast private rooftop decks overlooking the Wabash River. Parking exceeding one-to-one ratios will be provided through tree lined parking lots and street parking.

Not only will the buildings reflect this iconic architecture but the property will be designed with plazas, greenspaces and activity nodes. A gateway plaza is planned at the intersection of Hart Street and 2nd Street to welcome students and visitors onto the campus. The gateway plaza will also direct pedestrians onto the property to a courtyard highlighting the Schultz and Yocum Residence, commonly known as the Clay Tile House, and guiding them further on to the William Henry Harrison Presidential Mansion and future Visitors Center. Additional plazas are designed at the intersection of 1st Street and Hart Street to activate the Riverwalk trail as well as allow the university and the downtown City of Vincennes to merge together in unity. A tree lined boulevard is being considered on 2nd Street along the property. Conceptually the boulevard could reach the full length of 2nd Street through campus to serve as a spine, further unifying the development and campus.

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