West Lafayette Police Station

The West Lafayette Police Station is a 26,000-sf facility designed on three levels. The first level includes administration and selected services divisions, including a four-bay sally port, limited detainee access, and controlled public access at the main entrance lobby. The patrol division and investigations primarily occupy the second level, and the basement is primarily composed of evidence processing, fitness, and staff locker rooms. The exterior design was developed to create a sympathetic relationship to City Hall with fundamentally compatible materials, including glazed sections and pre-cast concrete panels. Other design amenities were selected to enhance the continuity of the site in order to achieve the feel of a municipal campus. While the design created functional efficiencies and a seamless fit into the public service campus, it also brought highly advanced technologies and security features to the community. Fully integrated electronic security systems, state-of-the-art technology, and a progressive and efficient design all work to provide West Lafayette with a premier police station.