Jasper County Courthouse
The initial step of restoring the original historic interior decoration scheme involved doing 21 probes over three months at locations on the walls, ceilings, and architectural features that required removing up to 10 layers of paint and overlaying decorative schemes, including a 1920s art deco palette and the current monochromatic finishes. These probes revealed a rich and vibrant Victorian decorative palette of more than 30 colors; nine distinguishable stencils and frieze patterns; gold leaf highlights; marbleized columns, pilasters and panels; and artistically painted three-foot-diameter county and state seals. The original paint scheme was designed to hierarchically evolve through the levels of the courthouse and culminated in the ceiling of the circuit court on the third floor. RQAW worked with the county commissioners to define the project based on a $260,000 budget and a six-month duration in order to be complete prior to their centennial celebration. The efforts of RQAW’s historic preservation team restored the public spaces to their original magnificence, including the terrazzo flooring, original gas lamp fixtures converted to electric, wood flooring, and other historic features. The project was completed in 1996.
Jasper County Courthouse Interior - historic restoration by RQAW design architects
Jasper County Courthouse interior - historic restoration