236th Street Rehabilitation
Noblesville, IN
Protecting historical boundaries, enhancing roadway functionality
Challenge: The Hamilton County Highway Department requested RQAW to provide wider lanes throughout the corridor while maintaining as much of the existing pavement as possible. Also, a segment of this corridor called “Bakers Corner” has residential homes located in close proximity to the existing roadway. Ultimately, Hamilton County wanted to make the road wider without requiring the homes to be demolished. In addition, they needed a small structure at the William Baker Drain which would adequately handle hydraulic capacity of the existing water and any additional water created by the proposed road.
Solution: RQAW proposed roadway improvements consisting of widening and overlaying the existing roadway. Some locations are still patching to address deteriorating pavement. However, a large portion of the roadway was salvaged during construction. In addition, RQAW was able to provide wide enough lanes to accommodate a future bike path for future expansion. In order to allow the wider corridor to navigate through “Bakers Corner”, RQAW proposed a pavement section that included curb and gutter in order to reduce the project footprint in this location. Additionally, RQAW performed hydraulic analysis to determine the size of structure to accommodate the William Baker Legal Drain. Through value engineering and creativity, the design team was able to deliver the project under budget by 25%.


Phase I Cost: $4.1M
Phase I Completed: 2021
Phase II Cost: $3.4M (Est.)
Projected Phase II Completion: 2025
RQAW rehabilitation of 236th street
Aerial view of 276th Street Rehabilitation - newly paved rural road with shoulders
RQAW rehabilitation of 236th street
RQAW rehabilitation of 236th street