West Terre Haute Trail


Connecting the community, protecting the environment
Challenge: Prior to construction, pedestrians were forced to walk along the busy and narrow US 150 shoulder alongside traffic or behind the guardrail adjacent to the steep side slope, creating a dangerous and restricted walking path. Due to the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area, it was also crucial that all designs were suitable for nearby marsh bird species, endangered plants, pollinators, and turtles.
Solution: RQAW | DCCM worked with the town to design an economical and sustainable one-mile-long trail and pedestrian bridge that promotes a safer alternative route for pedestrians traveling through the corridor while minimizing disruptions to the community, flora, and fauna. To protect the area’s wildlife, RQAW | DCCM’s environmental experts installed culverts under the road and trail and an exclusion fence to reduce the number of turtle-vehicle collisions while alternating construction to prevent disturbances to endangered species within the area.

Services Provided

  • Enviromental
  • Roadway
  • Bridge


Cost: $6.6M
Completed: 2021

ACEC Award – ACEC State Finalist

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