Vincennes University French Quarter


Inspired by history, designed for modern students
Challenge: This project required a number of creative solutions including how to layout a large student housing development across several blocks in a way that captures the French quarter character and blends into the existing historic district, and how to develop traditional features on the site to create a sense of “Place” for the project and frame the project as a gateway for the University.
Solution: The property was designed with plazas, greenspaces, and activity nodes. A gateway plaza located at the intersection of Hart Street and 2nd Street to welcome students and visitors onto the campus. The gateway plaza also directs pedestrians onto the property to a courtyard highlighting the Schultz and Yocum Residence, commonly known as the Clay Tile House, and guiding them farther on to the William Henry Harrison Presidential Mansion and future Visitors Center. Additional plazas were designed at the intersection of 1st Street and Hart Street to activate the Riverwalk trail as well as allow the university and the downtown City of Vincennes to merge together in unity. RQAW | DCCM completed the architectural design, civil, and coordinated the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineering. Phase I of the $15 million project was completed in August 2020 and Phase II is scheduled for August 2021.

Services Provided

  • Architecture
  • Site / Civil
  • MEP


Size: 292,206SF
Cost: $16.6M
Completed: 2021

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