SR 159 Road Rehabilitation

Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District

RQAW | DCCM was selected to design this minor structural overlay. Originally the scope of the project included a substantial amount of widening. When we received the project, RQAW | DCCM immediately performed a preliminary cost estimate to ensure the project budget would accommodate the scope. Unfortunately, it was found to be approximately $10M underfunded. RQAW | DCCM worked closely with the client and determined to create alternatives to accomplish the original scope while still bringing the project within budget. Additionally, the client requested RQAW | DCCM expedite the submittal in order to let the project 10 months early. 2 months after the request was made, RQAW | DCCM was able to finalize the design and submit the completed package.

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