Fishers Police Station

Fishers Police Station The Fishers Police Station is a new 48,000-sf, three-story facility completed in September 2018. The building is organized so that the divisions with the most public interaction are on the main level, with increased security as one moves vertically in the building. The station incorporates a secure sally port and is attached to a parking garage with secure patrol car parking. The exterior skin of the building takes advantage of the efficiencies of precast, while the interior of the building has an industrial aesthetic with exposed structure and sealed concrete floors.

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Adams Central Community Schools

Adams Central Community Schools​ Adams Central is a K-12 school that required a 60,000 square-foot addition to accommodate district growth and new programs. RQAW | DCCM performed a long-range feasibility study to determine the needs of the existing school and created space programming to meet those needs. The addition created space for two special education classrooms, two kindergarten classrooms, and three second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms, along with a modern media center and cafetorium. The grades 6-12 classroom space was expanded in the existing section of the school. Administrative offices were relocated to the front entrance, ensuring higher security and visibility of visitors.

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Allegan County Jail

Allegan County Jail Allegan County, Michigan Adaptive reuse of a manufacturing facility into a jail and law enforcement center Challenge: Allegan County presented RQAW | DCCM with the unique challenge of turning a vacant manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art jail and law enforcement center. Allegan County had been struggling for over 10 years to develop a solution to their detention and space needs when the opportunity to secure the existing Haworth plant for $1,775,000 presented itself. Solution: The County was able to secure 23.5 acres of land and 189,000-sf of well-maintained manufacturing space for less than $10 per square foot. RQAW | DCCM conducted an intensive, four-day charette to bring all the stakeholders together. The resulting design concept, which remained unchanged through the design process, employs staff-efficient housing units. RQAW | DCCM took advantage of the strength of the existing floor slabs, the clear height of the existing structure, and the large structural bay spacing to design housing units made of pre-manufactured steel jail cells. The efficiency of this solution saved the County over $90 per square foot in construction costs when compared to new construction, equating to over $13M in savings to the County on a $1,775,000 investment. The project was completed in 2011, and over 60,000-sf of vacant space exists for future expansion of this facility. Cost $15.8M Completed 2012 Size 132,082 SF

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Camp Atterbury Readiness Center

Camp Atterbury Readiness Center RQAW | DCCM designed a 24,176 square-foot addition to the existing Camp Atterbury facility with a connector that allowed for continuous function of the existing armory, and maintained all existing windows on the northern portion of the building. Meanwhile, we caused no construction disturbance. The new facility contains men’s and women’s locker rooms, showers, weight room, restrooms, new supply housing sector, an arms vault, a multi-purpose classroom and various support spaces. The design incorporates communication and control security features, specifically special, post-9/11 anti-terrorism design features.

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236th Street Rehabilitation

236th Street Rehabilitation Noblesville, Indiana Protecting historical boundaries, enhancing roadway functionality Challenge: The Hamilton County Highway Department requested RQAW | DCCM to provide wider lanes throughout the corridor while maintaining as much of the existing pavement as possible. Also, a segment of this corridor called “Bakers Corner” has residential homes located in close proximity to the existing roadway. Ultimately, Hamilton County wanted to make the road wider without requiring the homes to be demolished. In addition, they needed a small structure at the William Baker Drain which would adequately handle hydraulic capacity of the existing water and any additional water created by the proposed road. Solution: RQAW | DCCM proposed roadway improvements consisting of widening and overlaying the existing roadway. Some locations are still patching to address deteriorating pavement. However, a large portion of the roadway was salvaged during construction. In addition, RQAW was able to provide wide enough lanes to accommodate a future bike path for future expansion. In order to allow the wider corridor to navigate through “Bakers Corner”, RQAW | DCCM proposed a pavement section that included curb and gutter in order to reduce the project footprint in this location. Additionally, RQAW | DCCM performed hydraulic analysis to determine the size of structure to accommodate the William Baker Legal Drain. Through value engineering and creativity, the design team was able to deliver the project under budget by 25%. Cost Phase I Cost: $4.1M / Phase II Cost: $3.4M (Est.) Completed Phase I Completed: 2021 / Projected Phase II Completion: 2025

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Carmel Historic Survey

Carmel Historic Survey Carmel, Indiana Protecting historic structures with comprehensive survey and research Challenge: The client’s main problem was updating the survey to include a comprehensive and more inclusive survey, conducting a survey including the latest GIS analysis, and managing research efforts. Solution: RQAW | DCCM provided historic architectural services to comprehensively update Carmel’s Historic Architectural Survey with new information since the initial survey was completed in 2014. Our team’s work contributed to the foundation for the Carmel Historic Preservation Commission’s ability to preserve historic resources through demolition delays, a façade grant program, and certificates of appropriateness in historic and conservation districts. The scope of survey work included: updating all previous survey entries, completing a comprehensive survey of previously identified districts, completing a windshield survey of Carmel and Clay Township with GIS analysis, recommending additional districts, completing Carmel’s comprehensive survey and research with interviews and documentation.

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Clinton County New Annex

Clinton County New Annex Clinton County has experienced consistent growth and, consequently, has outgrown its departmental office space located within its remarkable, historic courthouse. The county approached RQAW | DCCM and Envoy to renovate the former Regions bank building on the northwest corner of the town square and create more office space. The more the team dug into the design, however, the more they discovered the amount of repairs and alterations that would be required to make the former bank building fit the county’s needs. The building itself was actually an amalgamation of four or five unique structures cobbled together and reclad over the hundred years of its life. RQAW | DCCM and Envoy explored the cost of tearing down and building new and discovered that the cost to renovate was quickly approaching the cost to build new. On top of that, the renovation option was only a bandage solution, as it could not properly accommodate future growth space needs for the county. Envoy and RQAW | DCCM pitched this idea to the county, along with some concept sketches of a two-story and a three-story option. In light of these facts, the county agreed that building new would be the responsible way to proceed. Fully understanding the weight of importance that comes with building a new building on a historic town square, RQAW | DCCM and Envoy worked closely with the city of Frankfort, their historic preservation commission, and Frankfort Main Street to provide a design that would serve as a worthy addition to the core of Frankfort’s cultural hub. Demolition started in late May, and new construction will begin mid-August.

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Daleville Town Hall and Police Station

Daleville Town Hall and Police Station Daleville, Indiana Adding a modern touch to expanded county facilities Challenge: Modernizing the area while staying consistent with the look of surrounding construction is always a balancing act. Solution: RQAW | DCCM lead in the design of a 17,100-sf Town Hall and Police Station completed in December of 2021. This new building provides the Town of Daleville with a facility large enough to accommodate the Town’s growing needs as it continues to experience commercial and residential growth. The façade of this newly designed station will modernize the area while working to complement the tone of the Town’s existing buildings.  Completed 2021 Size 17,100 SF

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Daviess County Courthouse

Daviess County Courthouse Washington, Indiana Challenge: Daviess County received a Historic Preservation Fund grant administered by the IDNR Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology. The County wanted to complete repairs while preserving the courthouse’s historic architecture, which was originally constructed in 1928 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a Neo-Classical Revival style building with a grand atrium featuring a large stained glass laylight surrounded by a pyramidal steel and glass skylight, which had numerous broken pieces that were at risk of falling. Solution: Taking into account the funding and historical nature of the building, RQAW | DCCM prepared all necessary documentation and specifications to properly restore the stained glass laylight to its original grandeur, while incorporating much-needed safety measures. In coordination with the Indiana SHPO, RQAW | DCCM completed the preliminary design plans. RQAW then oversaw the bidding process, final design, specifications, and construction monitoring. RQAW | DCCM used National Park Service Preservation Briefs to develop a design that met the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings. Our methodical attention to detail throughout the laylight’s restoration helps preserve the building for continued enjoyment by the Daviess County community.

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Delaware County Justice Center

Delaware County Justice Center Muncie, Indiana Innovative, adaptive reuse project meets county’s judicial needs Challenge: Initially, RQAW | DCCM was asked to determine the best means to accommodate the County’s long-term justice system space needs, including the expansion of existing facilities, building new on a greenfield site, and the consideration of several existing facilities for adaptive reuse. Solution: RQAW | DCCM’s recommendation at the conclusion of the study was to purchase the vacant middle school and utilize it for the justice system’s needs. The County then hired RQAW | DCCM to not only design the proposed facility but to also develop and construct the facility utilizing the Indiana’s Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) statute. The Delaware County Justice Center project is an adaptive reuse project that converts a decommissioned middle school into a complete justice facility. It houses all county justice departments under one roof, including the prosecutor, probation, five courts, clerk, family support and IV-D court, sheriff’s office, community corrections, a 500-bed jail, and all necessary support and ancillary spaces. Included in the design are fully functional large-scale laundry and kitchen facilities, as well as ample space to build on and expand as needed in the future. The justice center is comprised of over 247,000-sf on two levels and all the departments are interconnected for maximum operational efficiency. The $47M project was completed in 2020 without a single change order to the owner. Cost $47M Completed 2020 Size 247,000 SF

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