Elkhorn Road Reconstruction

Elkhorn Road Reconstruction Knox County, Indiana RQAW | DCCM led this recently completed project, which involved the reconstruction of Elkhorn Road from the eastern side of the Elkhorn Road/US 41 intersection to the CSX Railroad crossing, approximately 730 feet northeast of the Elkhorn Road/Beckes Lane intersection. This road reconstruction project also involved realigning the Elkhorn Road/South Decker Road intersection, reconstructing roadside ditches, and replacing a large pipe with a 272-ft long 16-ft x 5-ft concrete box structure. RQAW | DCCM completed this project’s design and hydraulics, which opened in November of 2022.  RQAW | DCCM’s environmental staff also completed this project’s CE-2 environmental document and public involvement process due to permanent right-of-way exceeding 0.5 acres and stream impacts exceeding 300 linear feet. The environmental and design teams worked closely to assess the project’s environmental impacts accurately.

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Old Meridian and Carmel Dr./Pennsylvania Ave.

Old Meridian and Carmel Dr./Pennsylvania Ave. The project included full-depth QC/QA HMA pavement construction, small structure installations, extensive utility coordination, and ADA concrete curb ramps. Project responsibilities included significant coordination with local businesses. The $1.2M project was completed in 2018. This project replaced a signal-controlled intersection and protected left-hand turning lanes with a 2-lane roundabout. The design avoided a $1.0M relocation on the northeast corner of the project. The intersection improvement upgraded the level of service, improved the overall safety of the intersection, and improved intersection control for the City of Carmel while increasing intersection capacity. RQAW | DCCM replaced the previously signal-controlled intersection at Carmel Drive and Penn Drive. The goal of the design was to create a more consistent and efficient corridor for the traveling public. Upon installation, the roundabout was able to provide an efficient flow throughout the corridor and for neighboring roundabouts. RQAW | DCCM provided the contract administration and construction inspection for this roundabout construction project. Project responsibilities included significant coordination with local businesses.

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SR 159 Road Rehabilitation

SR 159 Road Rehabilitation Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District RQAW | DCCM was selected to design this minor structural overlay. Originally the scope of the project included a substantial amount of widening. When we received the project, RQAW | DCCM immediately performed a preliminary cost estimate to ensure the project budget would accommodate the scope. Unfortunately, it was found to be approximately $10M underfunded. RQAW | DCCM worked closely with the client and determined to create alternatives to accomplish the original scope while still bringing the project within budget. Additionally, the client requested RQAW | DCCM expedite the submittal in order to let the project 10 months early. 2 months after the request was made, RQAW | DCCM was able to finalize the design and submit the completed package.

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SR 234 HMA Overlay

SR 234 HMA Overlay Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District This partial 3R, minor structural overlay project located in Montgomery County was 11 miles in length and extended through the Town of Ladoga. The cross-section of the roadway remained unchanged, except at locations where two-ft shoulders were added within the existing right-of-way. The existing cross slope was corrected to two percent outside the town. Within Ladoga, the existing cross slope was perpetuated, and a Level 1 design exception was obtained. In addition, 19 curb ramps within Ladoga were replaced due to ADA deficiencies. New truncated domes were installed on four additional curb ramps. RQAW | DCCM coordinated extensively with the INDOT ADA Committee to minimize the impacts to the downtown area.

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US 36 Added Travel Lanes Phase 1

US 36 Added Travel Lanes Phase 1 Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District Paving the way for a growing community Challenge: The recent growth of Avon significantly influenced the initiation of the project, as it led to heightened safety concerns and increased traffic in this very commercialized area. Solution: US 36 from Shiloh Park Drive to Raceway Road was the first phase of a large-scale corridor improvement plan. RQAW | DCCM obtained traffic counts, developed a corridor model, and created an analysis to guide and refine the limits of this added travel lanes project. Through our findings, our team addressed the excessive traffic volumes by recommending an additional third travel lane in eastbound and westbound directions by proposing converting existing shoulders into travel lanes, turning the existing two-way left turn lane (TWLTL) into a curbed center median, and improving impacted intersections. Our approach resulted in no public controversy while minimizing construction costs, high crash rates, and the need for land acquisition. Cost $8.6M Completed 2023 Award  2023 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Award Competition

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Towne Road Reconstruction

Towne Road Reconstruction Westfield, Indiana Comprehensive redesign to mitigate environmental risk and enhance safety Challenge: During the course of the environmental process and preliminary design, impacts to wetlands and streams within the project area exceeded the mitigation threshold of 0.1 acre/300 linear feet. The project had required off-site mitigation and a monitoring period of 10 years, which would have cost the client a budgeted amount of $80,000.  Solution: Through detailed investigation and extensive design modifications, RQAW | DCCM brought the impacts of wetlands and streams that were not currently encapsulated under the 0.1 acre/300 linear feet mitigation threshold. The extensive design modifications reduced the structure lengths to the minimum required for the widened roadway, steepened the side slopes and added guardrail where necessary, eliminating roadside ditches in the areas where wetlands were present, and added wing walls where necessary to accommodate the shorter structures. Extensive coordination with the regulatory agencies (IDEM and the USACE) enabled us to accommodate on-site mitigation opportunities via native vegetation plantings along the relocated streams and wetland areas within the right-of-way limits and only one year of monitoring to ensure the vegetation is growing properly. This allowed the project to stay on budget and on schedule while saving the client $80,000 in mitigation costs.  Cost $2.58M Extensive design modifications saved client $80,000 in mitigation costs

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SR 39 ADA Curb Ramps and Sidewalks

SR 39 ADA Curb Ramps and Sidewalks RQAW | DCCM was chosen to upgrade 32 curb ramps along SR 39 from Reagan Street to the north limit in the Town of Clayton. The project goal was to make all ramps ADA compliant; however, our team was able to utilize several innovative solutions throughout the design process. These solutions included inspecting existing ramps to determine if any grades and slopes were up to INDOT standards. Ramps that were found to be acceptable were maintained and any sites that were near satisfactory were retrofitted with a detectable warning surface, rather than fully replaced. This process ultimately reduced the project cost by over 50%. Additionally, RQAW’s environmental staff and qualified professional historians completed the Sections 1 and 2 of the Minor Projects Determination form. We completed a field survey to identify historic resources and unusual features such as historic brick or stone sidewalks, curbs, steps, walls, etc. were present. We then worked with the project manager to reduce curb ramp construction so that there would be no impacts to any potential historic resources.

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Knox County Wide Bridge Inspection

Knox County Wide Bridge Inspection Lawrence, Indiana RQAW | DCCM has been responsible for multiple 4-year cycles to inspect the 196 bridges owned by Knox County. This inventory of bridges includes 26 fracture critical structures, 1 structure requiring an underwater inspection, and 8 bridges on the annual inspection cycle. Our inspection teams verify the structural condition of each bridge and notify the highway department of any identified safety issues.

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Old City Park Pedestrian Bridge

Old City Park Pedestrian Bridge RQAW | DCCM engineers analyzed the bridge loads and park’s topographic features to design the abutments. These abutments were supported on a concrete spread footing and contained concrete wingwalls. Our designers developed a geometric layout to minimize flooding at the bridge site, including incorporating IDNR ‘construction in floodway’ requirements. Our team incorporated architectural features into the concrete abutments to blend the custom pedestrian bridge seamlessly into the park overall aesthetic.

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Pagoda Drive Over Pleasant Run

Pagoda Drive Over Pleasant Run Indianapolis, Indiana Preserving historic look, integrating modern safety measures Challenge: Prior to construction, the structure was experiencing deterioration and received an overall critical structural rating, making it dangerous for the traveling public. The bridge also needed updates due to heavy, daily traffic flow in and out of Garfield Park. Solution: The team was able to replicate the bridge’s memorable arch shape and historic characteristics by developing a cast-in-place structure. All historical features were designed to match the look of the existing structure and incorporated salvaged stone material from the original remnant dam walls. Our engineers incorporated aspects of the existing barrier wall into the new custom barrier designed to meet ADA requirements to provide safe access for pedestrians into the park. Cost $1.96M Completed 2021 Award 2021 ACEC Indiana Engineering Excellence Award Competition

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