Nowland Avenue Bridge

Indianapolis, Indiana

RQAW | DCCM provided bridge design, environmental, and historic architectural services for the Nowland Avenue Bridge over Pogue’s Run rehabilitation. Built in 1903, Nowland Avenue Bridge is one of Daniel B. Luten’s oldest structures in Indianapolis; however, the bridge was closed to all traffic due to decades of use and safety concerns. To restore the bridge, RQAW | DCCM provided design for superstructure and arch repair, roadway surface replacement, spandrel wall replacement, stabilization of the structure’s bank, drainage systems improvements, and updating railing and trail to meet ADA and AASHTO standards. Our team worked alongside the Indiana SHPO throughout the design process and coordinated heavily with the Pathways over Pogue’s group to provide a safe pedestrian crossing while conserving the structure’s significant historical elements.




ACEC Merit Award

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