Lone Tree Road Widening

Westfield, Indiana

Implementing vehicle and pedestrian safety improvements for busy corridor
Challenge: The existing travel lanes were narrow, and this county road was originally constructed along the section line and not necessarily to any design standard. This road has developed into the hospital corridor over time with expanding businesses. The lack of shoulders presented a safety hazard with the increased traffic and the constant flow of emergency vehicles entering and exiting the Greene County Hospital. This original road was also constructed along the ground contours and has been reconstructed with added storm sewers to eliminate subgrade and groundwater problems.
Solution: This project begins at the intersection with SR 54 and extends north 0.5 miles. As part of the project, the lanes were widened, a center turn-lane was added, and borders comprised of curb and gutter, grass buffers, and sidewalks were created. A portion of this project is two asphalt travel lanes with paved shoulders and roadside ditches. The improvements were constructed along an improved vertical profile to provide adequate stopping sight distance. The project is located within a hospital and medical corridor with multiple existing utilities that needed relocation. The addition of the center turn-lane and sidewalks will increase the overall safety for both vehicles and pedestrians within the hospital corridor. The project was completed in October 2019.




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