Hendricks County Jail

Danville, Indiana

Striking a balance between form and function for the community

Challenge: From a planning and landscape architecture perspective, the main problem was to provide attractive elements in the site design that would benefit the health and wellness of the facility staff and visitors without creating exuberant cost and maintenance concerns for the client.

Solution: RQAW | DCCM led the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department through their design process for a new jail facility and administrative offices. Completed in 2023, the 158,544-sq.ft. facility was designed with the future in mind, creating a space that not only fulfilled their immediate needs but also had the ability to adapt and change with the community. Our collaborative approach led to a highly operational and staffing efficient design that allowed the county to maintain their previous staffing levels while doubling the inmate bed count and created therapeutic spaces that enhanced rehabilitation. The goal was to accommodate the immediate and future needs of the County by creating the space to be easily expandable and operationally efficient with state-of-the-art technology. The design elements were optimized with a keen focus on inmate/staff safety and staff retention to provide a less institutional and more normalized living and working environment.





158,544 SF

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