Harrison County Government Center

Corydon, Indiana

Defining the 25-year space needs for 33 County administration/taxing, service, and judicial departments involved a comprehensive planning process that included projection modeling, existing space analysis and related adjustments, staffing projections, space programming, conceptual design cost estimating, comparative analysis to similar counties for the 25-year population and staff projections, and implementation planning analysis. Once the planning process defined the needs, it was determined the best solution would be to renovate three vacated buildings at the County’s previous medical complex consisting of two medical office buildings and an old hospital. Some sections of the hospital were demolished, and the remaining 86,000-sf shared among the three buildings was planned to maximize operational efficiencies and renovated to reduce operational and utility costs. Taking advantage of the existing space at the previous medical campus satisfied the County’s immediate and long-term space needs, allowed for a logical grouping of departments to enhance operational efficiencies, maintained centralized services for the convenience of the Harrison County residents, eliminated the cost of leased space, solved the dilemma of what to do with unmarketable buildings at the vacated hospital campus, reduced the cost of new construction by 40%, and expedited the delivery schedule of the project by six to eight months. This project was completed in 2009. 

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