Grand Park Shoppes

Westfield, Indiana

Flexible commercial spaces, designed for a growing community

Challenge: The land was undeveloped, and the shops needed to draw in potential tenants prior to the area’s anticipated growth. Spaces needed to be flexible and the façade needed to blend with upcoming trends as the area grew. The interiors would have to be easily adaptable to a variety of businesses from privately-owned retail shops to franchised restaurants.

Solution: Grand Park Shoppes are located near the sprawling Grand Park Sports Complex. The building features nearly 15,000 sf of commercial space and can accommodate a variety of retail and commercial businesses. Each space was created with flexible tenant design and multi-use capabilities. Ample parking space in the front is part of the design, along with additional parking in the back. The exterior façade appears to be one structure with an open area for outdoor seating and dining but is actually two functionally separate buildings. RQAW | DCCM provided architectural, structural, MEP, and site design for the $2.16M project that was completed in 2015.





15,000 SF

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