Dubois County Justice Facility Study

RQAW | DCCM conducted a Justice Study to determine the immediate and future space needs of the Dubois County Security Center, Community Corrections, Courthouse, and Annex. To conduct this study, the Existing Facilities were documented. Questionnaires were also used to gather qualitative information about existing conditions, staffing, and programmatic uses. Staff interviews were completed, and additional programmatic needs were identified. An assessment of the existing conditions and spaces was performed and then used as the basis for developing the space requirements and features of the proposed facilities, including the housing pod and Community Corrections expansion. This information was then utilized to develop floor plans and diagrams that improves functionality of the departments involved, accommodates immediate space and staff needs, and enables Dubois County to satisfy the long-term evolving demands associated with these types of facilities.

An option that resulted from this study is the basis for the proposed project. This includes the renovation and expansion of the existing detention facility to facilitate important programs, provide adequate administrative and support space, expand housing, and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, this option includes the expansion of the community corrections building to include additional classrooms, administrative space, and housing. Finally, this option recommends moving the courts to the justice campus site. With all these justice components on one site, designed for current and future needs, the County has an opportunity to provide the taxpayers with a well-coordinated, operationally efficient, and cost-effective solution.

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