Carmel Historic Survey

Carmel, Indiana

Protecting historic structures with comprehensive survey and research

Challenge: The client’s main problem was updating the survey to include a comprehensive and more inclusive survey, conducting a survey including the latest GIS analysis, and managing research efforts.

Solution: RQAW | DCCM provided historic architectural services to comprehensively update Carmel’s Historic Architectural Survey with new information since the initial survey was completed in 2014. Our team’s work contributed to the foundation for the Carmel Historic Preservation Commission’s ability to preserve historic resources through demolition delays, a façade grant program, and certificates of appropriateness in historic and conservation districts. The scope of survey work included: updating all previous survey entries, completing a comprehensive survey of previously identified districts, completing a windshield survey of Carmel and Clay Township with GIS analysis, recommending additional districts, completing Carmel’s comprehensive survey and research with interviews and documentation.
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