Alexandria Stormwater Improvements

This project is a key component of the City of Alexandria’s Long Term Control Plan, as it constitutes the most downstream trunk of the City’s largest storm interceptor. Currently, all storm and sanitary flows are conveyed to a single point at the intersection of Pennsylvania and Washington Streets before being conveyed by the 3-ft by 5-ft brick combined sewer to the downstream outfall and wastewater treatment plant. RQAW | DCCM completed the design services to remove the storm flows from the combined system and convey them directly to Pipe Creek, offloading approximately 350,000 gallons of clear water from the combined system. The interceptor consists of approximately 2,200-ft of 30-in and 36-in polypropylene pipe, constructed down a narrow roadway corridor with a railroad crossing. Inlets will be added throughout the service area to capture on-site watershed drainage in addition to the off-site drainage at the tie-in point. RQAW | DCCM also assisted the City through the OCRA grant application process to secure $600,000 in grant funds.
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