Milton Master Utility Study

This project evaluated three utilities for the Town: water, wastewater, and stormwater. RQAW | DCCM’s role included condition assessments of the existing infrastructure, projecting future growth of the town, and ultimately determining needs of the system for improvements, in cooperation with the Town. The report was approved by OCRA with minimal comments. In addition to the study, RQAW | DCCM assisted the Town in developing an OCRA grant for improvements to the water system including water main replacements, elevated tank rehabilitation, and replacement of an existing well house. The project is currently in the construction process. One of the key challenges in the design of the project was coordinating schedules from two funding agencies, OCRA and IFA. RQAW | DCCM was able to communicate with both agencies to ensure the Town would not lose their $700,000 grant from OCRA and $2M grant from IFA.

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