Alexandria Phosphorus Removal System

Alexandria, Indiana

Improving safety and efficiency of wastewater treatment
Challenge: The City of Alexandria was shouldered with the responsibility of maintaining a phosphorus limit on its wastewater treatment plant discharge. It was able to meet that limit most months because of existing processes at the plant, but concentrated flow during summer months made removal difficult.
Solution: RQAW | DCCM helped secure $700,000 in OCRA funding to meet recently imposed effluent limitations at their wastewater treatment plant. Failing clarifiers at the plant will also be rehabilitated to ensure the plant can treat peak flows. In response to a phosphorus limit imposed by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) at the wastewater treatment plant, RQAW | DCCM helped fund, design, and construct the project. Part of the grant secured by RQAW | DCCM allowed the city to replace additional failing components at their plant and construct a building to house equipment.

1,200 SF




Grant Award: OCRA Community Development Block Grant ($600,000)

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