Old Meridian and Carmel Dr./Pennsylvania Ave.

Old Meridian and Carmel Dr./Pennsylvania Ave. The project included full-depth QC/QA HMA pavement construction, small structure installations, extensive utility coordination, and ADA concrete curb ramps. Project responsibilities included significant coordination with local businesses. The $1.2M project was completed in 2018. This project replaced a signal-controlled intersection and protected left-hand turning lanes with a 2-lane roundabout. […]

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SR 159 Road Rehabilitation

SR 159 Road Rehabilitation Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District RQAW | DCCM was selected to design this minor structural overlay. Originally the scope of the project included a substantial amount of widening. When we received the project, RQAW | DCCM immediately performed a preliminary cost estimate to ensure the project budget would accommodate the

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SR 234 HMA Overlay

SR 234 HMA Overlay Avon, Indiana | InDOT Crawsfordville District This partial 3R, minor structural overlay project located in Montgomery County was 11 miles in length and extended through the Town of Ladoga. The cross-section of the roadway remained unchanged, except at locations where two-ft shoulders were added within the existing right-of-way. The existing cross

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Towne Road Reconstruction

Towne Road Reconstruction Westfield, Indiana Comprehensive redesign to mitigate environmental risk and enhance safety Challenge: During the course of the environmental process and preliminary design, impacts to wetlands and streams within the project area exceeded the mitigation threshold of 0.1 acre/300 linear feet. The project had required off-site mitigation and a monitoring period of 10 years,

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Lone Tree Road Widening

Lone Tree Road Widening WESTFIELD, IN Implementing vehicle and pedestrian safety improvements for busy corridor Challenge: The existing travel lanes were narrow, and this county road was originally constructed along the section line and not necessarily to any design standard. This road has developed into the hospital corridor over time with expanding businesses. The lack of

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Arlington Ave

Arlington Ave The Indianapolis Department of Public Works hired RQAW to repair a section of Arlington Avenue. This was an emergency repair project with a 6-week design, contract preparation, bid, and construction complete timeline. Services Provided Enviromental Roadway

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