Old City Park Pedestrian Bridge

Old City Park Pedestrian Bridge RQAW | DCCM engineers analyzed the bridge loads and park’s topographic features to design the abutments. These abutments were supported on a concrete spread footing and contained concrete wingwalls. Our designers developed a geometric layout to minimize flooding at the bridge site, including incorporating IDNR ‘construction in floodway’ requirements. Our

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Pagoda Drive Over Pleasant Run

Pagoda Drive Over Pleasant Run Indianapolis, Indiana Preserving historic look, integrating modern safety measures Challenge: Prior to construction, the structure was experiencing deterioration and received an overall critical structural rating, making it dangerous for the traveling public. The bridge also needed updates due to heavy, daily traffic flow in and out of Garfield Park. Solution: The team was

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Oliver Avenue Over the White River

Oliver Avenue Over the White River INDIANAPOLIS, IN Bridging the gap between historic integrity and long-term serviceability Challenge: Prior to rehabilitation, the structure deteriorated to the point where it was rated as Structurally Deficient, which threatened the bridge’s long-term function as a vital connection in downtown Indianapolis. Solution: RQAW | DCCM took great care to preserve the integrity

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SR 58 Bridge

SR 58 Bridge The previous structure needed to be replaced due to poor structural condition. The headwall and wingwall were deteriorated, the scour and hydraulics were inadequate, and it was functionally obsolete due to insufficient clear roadway and lack of guardrail. The new structure includes a reinforced concrete, three-sided box with a span of 20-ft

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SR 59 Bridge Replacement

SR 59 Bridge Replacement RQAW | DCCM was responsible for the design and project management for the replacement of the structure carrying SR 59 over Little Raccoon Creek. This project replaced the existing twin corrugated metal pipe culverts with a reinforced concrete three-sided structure. The design team minimized project impacts to right-of-way and nearby utilities,

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The Parklands of Jasper

The Parklands of Jasper JASPER, INDIANA Designing structural supports to complement the landscape Challenge: The client needed a structural engineer to compliment the architectural design for the bridge abutments. These needed to support a very large pedestrian bridge and maintain an aesthetic look that matched the rest of the park. Solution: RQAW | DCCM engineers analyzed the bridge

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West Terre Haute Trail

West Terre Haute Trail TERRE HAUTE, IN Connecting the community, protecting the environment Challenge: Prior to construction, pedestrians were forced to walk along the busy and narrow US 150 shoulder alongside traffic or behind the guardrail adjacent to the steep side slope, creating a dangerous and restricted walking path. Due to the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area,

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Burkart Boulevard

Burkart Boulevard SEYMOUR, IN Challenge: The city wanted a bypass around Seymour to allow for future development on the south side of the city, reduce truck traffic through downtown, and to provide additional options for emergency vehicles when trains are present. Solution: This INDOT-LPA project with the City of Seymour involved constructing a new bypass around

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