Monon Crossing Apartments

Monon Crossing Apartments New Albany, Indiana Coordinated design and engineering for modern, affordable living Challenge: RQAW | DCCM was hired to advance an application package, approved for tax credit funding through Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority (IHCDA), from schematic design through permitting and construction. Solution: The Monon Crossing Apartments in New Albany, Indiana boast a total of 240 units across 12 buildings on a 16-acre site.  Within this $25M project RQAW | DCCM has been responsible for developing permit drawings for three residential building types, one freestanding clubhouse, one pool house, four garage types, and site amenities over 12 weeks.  And we oversee the Construction progress during monthly site observations to verify the design intent is being met. We are accountable for providing Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Low Voltage services in-house and managing a third-party Structural Engineering. Cost $25M Completed 2022 Size 228 one- to four-bedroom apartments over 16 acres

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Kalamazoo County Jail

Kalamazoo County Jail The design incorporates a new intake and processing area allowing for a smooth operational sequence in the intake, arraignment, and classification process. Adjacent housing units were designed to provide specialty housing for inmates who have mental health and behavioral issues. By removing the burden of these specialty functions, the existing housing can better serve the incarceration needs of the County for the next 10 to 20 years. Once the facility reaches capacity, the future phases of construction can be accomplished without the need to re-design or remodel the existing facility or phase one housing. Cost $10.5M Completed 2019 Size 35,000 SF

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Johnson County Jail

Johnson County Jail Franklin, Indiana Upgrading and expanding judicial facilities to meet community needs Challenge: The existing Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center lacked adequate space and needed interior renovations and mechanical upgrades.  Solution: RQAW | DCCM was entrusted with the design for an addition and renovation of the existing Johnson County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center in Franklin, Indiana. The housing pod addition created space for 268 beds and a sally port. Renovations to the interior included reconfiguration and design for new medical area, intake/booking, holding, and program space. This project was completed on August 31, 2021 and resulted an added 45,370 sf to the existing facility. Completed 2021 Size 45,370 SF

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Jasper County Courthouse

Jasper County Courthouse Brownstown, Indiana The initial step of restoring the original historic interior decoration scheme involved doing 21 probes over three months at locations on the walls, ceilings, and architectural features that required removing up to 10 layers of paint and overlaying decorative schemes, including a 1920s art deco palette and the current monochromatic finishes. These probes revealed a rich and vibrant Victorian decorative palette of more than 30 colors; nine distinguishable stencils and frieze patterns; gold leaf highlights; marbleized columns, pilasters and panels; and artistically painted three-foot-diameter county and state seals. The original paint scheme was designed to hierarchically evolve through the levels of the courthouse and culminated in the ceiling of the circuit court on the third floor. RQAW | DCCM worked with the county commissioners to define the project based on a $260,000 budget and a six-month duration in order to be complete prior to their centennial celebration. The efforts of RQAW | DCCM’s historic preservation team restored the public spaces to their original magnificence, including the terrazzo flooring, original gas lamp fixtures converted to electric, wood flooring, and other historic features. The project was completed in 1996.

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Jackson County Judicial Center

Jackson County Judicial Center Brownstown, Indiana An innovative facility, designed to maximize safety and efficiency Challenge: The Jackson County Commissioners wanted an economical solution to house the growing number of juvenile offenders in the county as well as increase adult jail capacity. Due to ACA regulations prohibiting juveniles from being housed with adults, the county was faced with the daunting challenge of building a new jail and converting the existing jail into a juvenile detention facility. The county selected RQAW | DCCM to find the most viable and cost-effective solution to their challenge. Solution: After conducting a long-range feasibility study, RQAW | DCCM developed several options for the county. The first and most economical option demonstrated the viability of combining both juvenile and adults within the same facility while accommodating the ACA regulations by creating complete sight and sound separation between the two distinctly different classification types. The advantage of combining both juveniles and adults into the same facility is the economy and efficiency created by the sharing of support services such as administrative offices, food service, laundry, mechanical systems and the general economy of scale of building a single facility in lieu of two separate facilities. The facility is located on a portion of a 90-acre site located 4 blocks from the county courthouse. The site allows easy future expansion of this facility as well as accommodating over 100 parking spaces for staff and public. The Jackson County Jail and Juvenile Center is truly unique in the respect that it is the first facility approved by the Indiana Dept. of Corrections to house both adults and juveniles within the same facility in over a decade. The design of the 54,000 square foot facility has proven to be a success for the county and will serve the county’s needs for years to come.

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Indianapolis Fire Department – Station 3

Indianapolis Fire Department – Station 3 Indianapolis, Indiana Influenced by local architecture, integrated with modern amenities Challenge: The original facility did not provide adequate space, creating operational inefficiencies. Solution: RQAW | DCCM designed a new 14,000 square foot facility for Indianapolis Fire Station 3 in Fountain Square. It consists of a 3-door apparatus bay, living quarters, office area, storage, EMS support space, and a fitness room, along with Battalion Chief’s quarters. The facility was designed to include enhanced health and safety standards for the firefighters living in the facility along with traditional fire station features and materials to complement the historic Fountain Square neighborhood. Cost $3.7M Completed 2019 Size 14,000 SF

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Hendricks County Jail

Hendricks County Jail Danville, Indiana Striking a balance between form and function for the community Challenge: From a planning and landscape architecture perspective, the main problem was to provide attractive elements in the site design that would benefit the health and wellness of the facility staff and visitors without creating exuberant cost and maintenance concerns for the client. Solution: RQAW | DCCM led the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department through their design process for a new jail facility and administrative offices. Completed in 2023, the 158,544-sq.ft. facility was designed with the future in mind, creating a space that not only fulfilled their immediate needs but also had the ability to adapt and change with the community. Our collaborative approach led to a highly operational and staffing efficient design that allowed the county to maintain their previous staffing levels while doubling the inmate bed count and created therapeutic spaces that enhanced rehabilitation. The goal was to accommodate the immediate and future needs of the County by creating the space to be easily expandable and operationally efficient with state-of-the-art technology. The design elements were optimized with a keen focus on inmate/staff safety and staff retention to provide a less institutional and more normalized living and working environment. Cost $57M Completed 2023 Size 158,544 SF

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Hancock County Jail

Hancock County Jail Hancock County, Indiana Master planning for the county’s judicial needs, now and later Challenge: The Hancock County Board of Commissioners were seeking architectural design services to renovate the current county jail and community corrections building to include a new space for community corrections department, probation, and the Prosecutor.  Solution: RQAW | DCCM worked closely with the Hancock County Commissioners, Council, Sheriff, stakeholders, and staff to develop the space and operational requirements for two options (architectural space program), including the remodel of the existing facilities (courthouse, existing jail, and community corrections) and a proposed design for a new jail facility on County-owned farm land east of Greenfield. The County opted for the new, 117,000 square foot jail, master planned to allow for projected growth over the next 20 years, including a future Sheriff administration component and adjacent County/commercial development along US 40. The housing pods were designed for 440 beds with the shell space for an additional 136 beds. A future pod was master planned for an additional housing pod for up to 600 more beds. Support buildings for evidence, maintenance, etc., were also provided. In addition to housing, the jail included facilities for intake, booking, kitchen, laundry, and a small administration component. Estimated construction cost is approximately $38M. The project was bid under budget and was completed in 2021. Cost $38M Completed 2021 Size 117,000 SF

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Hamilton County Jail

Hamilton County Jail The Hamilton County Jail project consisted of several innovative approaches. The housing pod highlights several of these innovations. First, the pod was designed to include a base bid and then “add alternates” to double the capacity of the housing pod. This enabled the Owner to have a price for their immediate bed need on bid day and then buy additional bed space as the budget would allow. This provided full budget flexibility for the Owner. The housing pod also incorporated innovative design features like multiple smaller dayrooms with sight/sound separation for enhanced classification. The pod maximized staffing efficiency by locating several support spaces, like padded cells, isolation, programming, attorney visitation and medical exam. This minimizes staff involvement and inmate movement to and from these spaces. The County received bids that were under the proposed budget. Cost $149,451 Completed 2019 Highlight Added ADA requirements

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Gregg Park Shelter

Gregg Park Shelter Vincennes, Indiana Careful restoration blends modern amenities with original historic charm Challenge: The shelter house built in 1938, as a part of FDR’s New Deal stimulus program during the Great Depression, and was in desperate need of restoration. Solution: Through a historic preservation grant, RQAW | DCCM architects created a plan to keep the shelter house true to its original design, functional, and ensure strength of the building. The restrooms were completely renovated to incorporate ADA requirements and upgraded finishes. We also included changing tables, as the park didn’t have any prior. The main shelter house restoration included the replacement and rebuild of all the windows, and new lighting / two large ceiling fans. The shelter house is anchored with a large stone fireplace on each end. Both of those fireplaces had replacements of limestone lintels, stone tuckpointing, and new firebrick for the inside. The shelter house is used as rental space for everything from birthday parties to small wedding receptions. Work on the limestone included replacement, patching, and tuckpointing. After renovation, the space features new lighting fixtures, bathrooms, and roof, and rehabilitated doors and windows. The space has been updated to meet modern standards while retaining the original charm. Cost $149,451 Completed 2019 Highlight Added ADA requirements

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