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Since 1954, RQAW | DCCM has been helping our clients build thriving communities.

We are a full-service architecture and engineering firm that provides a wide array of services including architecture and planning, MEP design, landscape architecture, interior design, and historic preservation. With every design, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations and deliver cost-conscious projects with state-of-the-art features that your community can be proud of.

With almost 70 years of experience, our highest priority has always been developing lasting relationships and providing exceptional customer service. We are committed to bringing our client’s visions to life, from conceptual design to final inspection. Through thoughtful planning, creative solutions, and steady leadership, we will collaborate with you to propel your community forward and positively impact the people who live there.  

Our comprehensive services include:  

  • Architecture & Planning  
  • Bridge Services 
  • Construction Administration 
  • Construction Inspection 
  • Environmental Services 
  • Historic Preservation
  • Hydraulics Services 
  • Land Survey 
  • Landscape Architecture 
  • MEP Engineering 
  • Roadway Services 
  • Site/Civil Engineering 
  • Water/Wastewater 
  • Feasibility and planning studies
  • Correctional masterplanning
  • Operational staff analysis
  • Architectural design of justice facilities
  • Correctional facility programming
  • Courts and judicial programming
  • Correctional planning
  • Security hardware specifications
  • Preparation of operational
  • Security scenarios
  • Staffing analysis
  • Security staff and operational training
  • Facility transition training
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing design

RQAW | DCCM Designs Jails of Tomorrow

By: Sanjay patel, aaia, leed ap, cpted

With over 30 years of extensive involvement in all aspects of jail design at RQAW | DCCM, I have observed a remarkable evolution of county jails, from basic incarceration facilities to ones that offer a more comprehensive approach to rehabilitation and reduction in recidivism. Utilization of advanced construction systems, modularization, and technology has expanded the capabilities of jails, beyond what was possible a few decades ago. However, the constantly changing correctional design environment due to alterations in legislation, inmate populations, budgets, and resources has necessitated constant adaptation.

In the last five years, RQAW | DCCM has taken proactive steps towards developing a fully customizable, fully self-contained podular design. This design not only provides our clients with a tailored, cost-effective solution but also addresses programmatic and staff efficiency needs during a time of reduced workforces and heightened awareness of wellness and well-being.

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Justice Experience

New Jail Construction
  • Brown County Jail, IN
  • Cass County Jail, IN
  • Franklin County Jail, TN
  • Gibson County Jail, IN
  • Hancock County Jail, IN
  • Harrison County Justice Center, IN
  • Hendricks County Jail, IN
  • Jackson County Jail, IN
  • Jasper County Jail, IN
  • Knox County Jail, IN
  • Marion County Jail II, IN
  • Marion County Justice Center, TN
  • Marshall County Jail, IN
  • Miami County Jail, IN
  • Owen County Jail, IN
  • Pulaski County Justice Center, IN
  • Richland County Jail, IL
  • Rutherford County Jail and Correctional Work Release Center, TN
  • Wabash County Jail, IN
Work Release Facilities
  • Decatur County Sheriff’s Department & Work Release Facility, IN
  • Dubois County Work Release Facility, IN
  • Fayette County Work Release Facility, IN
  • Gibson County Community Correction, IN
  • Hamilton County Community Corrections Facility, IN
  • Jasper County Work Release Center, IN
  • Knox County Community Corrections, IN
  • Lake County Work Release Center, IL
  • Rutherford County Correctional Work Release Center, TN
  • White County Community Corrections, IN
Jail Addition/Renovation
Feasibility Studies
  • Branch County Jail, MI
  • Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office Master Plan, MI
  • Calhoun County Law Enforcement Facility, MI
  • Clinton County Jail, IN
  • Crawford County Jail/Justice Center, IN
  • Dearborn County Justice Strategic Plan, IN
  • Dubois County Jail, IN
  • Hamilton County/Adult Detention Master Plan, IN
  • Hancock County Jail, IN
  • Hendricks County Jail, IN
  • Jefferson County Jail, IN
  • Lake County Justice Campus Master Plan, IL
  • Lawrence County Jail, IN
  • Lawrence County Jail, IL
  • Madison County Jail, IN
  • Muskegon County Jail Conversion Study, MI
  • Okeechobee County Jail, FL
  • Putnam County Jail, FL
  • Rhode Island Juvenile Correctional Facility, RI
  • Rush County Jail, IN
  • Saginaw County Jail, MI
  • Switzerland County Jail, IN
  • Tipton County Courthouse Sheriff’s Office & Jail, IN
  • Vermillion County Jail, IN
  • Wabash County Jail, IN
  • Wexford County Jail, MI
  • Will County A.B.F. & Criminal Courts Strategic Plan, IL
Jail Adaptive Reuse
Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Champaign County Juvenile Center, IL
  • Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center, IN
  • Dearborn County “YES” Home, IN
  • Grant County Juvenile Detention Center, IN
  • Hamilton County Juvenile Justice Center, IN
  • Jackson County Juvenile Detention Center, IN
  • Kalamazoo County Juvenile Detention Center, MI
  • Marion County Juvenile Detention Center MEP Updates, IN
  • Rutherford County Juvenile Services Center, TN
  • Southwest Indiana Regional Youth Village Detention Unit, IN

Justice Experience Gallery

RQAW | DCCM Leadership

Troy Woodruff - RQAW Leadership

Troy Woodruff


With decades of experience, Troy assists in generating progress and opportunities as owner and President of RQAW | DCCM. Prior to becoming owner of RQAW |DCCM, he served as Chief of Staff for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). At INDOT, he led the State in moving toward the P3 (Public-Private Partnership) procurement method and the “Best Value” delivery method, which allowed the State to find unique ways to finance and deliver the Ohio River Bridges, and I-69 Section 5. Following his time with INDOT, Troy also served in the Indiana General Assembly and has built three successful companies: RQAW, BW Construction, and BW Development. His experiences and relationships throughout his career continually help Troy see the “big picture” for potential projects and discover new opportunities.

Upon entering the private sector, Troy utilized his expertise using P3 and “Best Value” methods to help communities leverage funds, by transferring the risk and delivery of vertical construction projects that typically take years to develop and finance. With this model, Troy has successfully implemented the P3 delivery method, resulting in the delivery of state-of-the-art Jails, Police Stations, Fire Stations, Highway Garages, and City Halls.

Eric Welfen - RQAW Leadership

Sanjay Patel, AAIA, LEED AP, CPTED

Justice studio lead

Sanjay leads the RQAW | DCCM Justice Studio and has played an integral role in every RQAW detention project for the last 32 years. His leadership and expertise have led to numerous jail design innovations, including direct contact ports in central control and self-contained housing pods with all support components. Further, Sanjay has developed a flexible systematic approach to control bed counts and costs, which has been instrumental in RQAW | DCCM’s success in hitting early established construction budgets. His excellent communication and collaborative approach results in solutions that are tailored to a client’s specific needs and budget.


Pete Peterson - RQAW Leadership

Pete Peterson

Division Director of Sales and Marketing

With more than 22 years of marketing, sales, and networking experience, RQAW | DCCM’s Division Director of Sales and Marketing, Pete Peterson, is proficient at negotiating and managing strategic business and community partnerships. Pete uses his expertise to facilitate public outreach to help unify communities throughout project challenges and changes. He is currently serving as a councilman for the City of Fishers and is very familiar with a variety of funding scenarios. He has served 4 terms on City Council and, during that time, has been involved in $1.5 billion of economic development for the city using P3 delivery methods.