Jail Addition Will Help Reduce Recidivism

On Friday, June 28th, excited citizens and county officials gathered to celebrate the opening of Hamilton County’s new jail addition. This new portion of the structure integrates with the existing and adds 120 beds to the overall facility with future planning of Phase 2 that will add 136 more beds.

This was a much-awaited event as the new facility provides safety and alleviates overcrowding, but also provides an opportunity to focus more on inmate rehabilitation.

A key speaker at the ceremony, Sheriff Dennis Quakenbush, spoke about the rapid growth of Hamilton County and commented further on how the expansion of the jail will provide pathways to recovery and rehabilitation of inmates. He went on to say, “The strong relationships with the community and its non-profit and corporate partners are a direct correlation to keeping Hamilton County a safe place to live.”

Another speaker during the ceremony, Commissioner Steve Dillinger stated, “We have taken all the right avenues to be proactive and keep Hamilton County the safe place that it is.”

One of the main focal points of RQAW’s design for the new addition was to create better efficiency and safety for both staff and inmates. Security is controlled by state-of-the-art technology and a single control point. This design allows up to 11 classifications with natural daylighting, calming colors, and future beds without the need to increase staff.

This new expansion is a self-contained pod with classrooms, medical space, isolation rooms, interview rooms, and padded cells. Maintenance can be done utilizing a rear chase access. All work can be completed safely outside the secure perimeter without inmate interference or disruption.

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