Braun Named 2022-2023 RQAW Civil Engineering Scholarship Recipient at Indiana State

As the first annual RQAW Civil Engineering Scholarship kicks off at Indiana State University, the AEC firm is happy to announce that junior, Zachary Braun, has been chosen as this year’s scholarship recipient. Braun’s passion for mathematics and physics as well as his desire to make a difference in the lives of others inspired him to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering Technology.

When talking about what the scholarship means to him, Braun said, “Receiving this scholarship opens up so many doors for me. Not only will this dramatically change my financial plan for the upcoming year, but it also means the world to me that it is coming from a company specific to my major.” After graduation, Braun hopes to put his degree to work at an engineering firm that is the right fit for him, wherever that may take him.

RQAW‘s CEO/President, Troy Woodruff, noted that the concerning shortage of professional engineers in the state of Indiana became a catalyst in creating this scholarship for Indiana State University. “We must be producing not only highly-skilled engineers, but we need to keep them here in Indiana.” Additionally, Woodruff looks forward to seeing how RQAW’s scholarship will positively impact other civil engineering students, like Braun, for years to come. “Indiana State University is a place that is very important to me. It was the place that prepared me for my own professional career. If I can give back and help pay it forward, then I want to help with that.”


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