US 36 Westbound over White Lick Creek

US 36 Westbound over White Lick Creek The original US 36 Westbound bridge over White Lick Creek in Avon, IN was redesigned by RQAW | DCCM into a new, structurally sound bridge. The project, managed by Randall Brooks and Rose Walther, featured the replacement of the two-span concrete arch with a new hydraulically improved two-span bridge. Originally constructed in 1926, the bridge was deteriorating and in serious need of replacement for the safety of the community. RQAW | DCCM partnered with INDOT Crawfordsville District to complete the bridge design, environmental documentation, and permitting. Our project team also provided a complex maintenance-of-traffic scheme to successfully accommodate the several intersections and two trail crossings within the project area. The completed bridge replacement not only features an improved structure but also encourages locals to explore nature and their environment. The project consisted of increasing the vertical clearance and creating longer span lengths, allowing the bridge to extend over the creek and the newly constructed pedestrian trail. This design allows pedestrians and bicyclists to safely navigate the trails along White Lick Creek without the hazards of busy highway traffic. In addition to prioritizing pedestrian safety, RQAW | DCCM also focused on ensuring the structure layout and materials used to build the bridge would provide US 36 Westbound traffic with a long-term and durable crossing over the creek and trail. The bridge’s features were selected to reduce the frequency of significant maintenance for many years, proving to be a cost-effective solution. As we near “International Women in Engineering Day” on June 23rd, it is important to recognize the incredible contributions of our own Bridge Project Manager, Rose Walther, who led the bridge design for this project. She was responsible for designing and confirming all aspects of the US 36 bridge design as well as coordinating with the client to ensure project goals were met and expectations were exceeded. Her hard work and dedication to this project played a vital role in being awarded the 2022 Engineering Excellence Award by ACEC for US 36 Westbound over White Lick Creek. Click here for more information about US 36 Westbound over White Lick Creek.  

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Inspecting for Success: Short-Term Investment, Long-Term Benefits

Why Should Municipalities Invest in Construction Inspection Services from RQAW | DCCM? Large-scale transportation and development projects for municipalities are complex, costly endeavors that cannot be downplayed. Ensuring that projects adhere to the budget, schedule, and quality standards is crucial throughout the entirety of the project. RQAW | DCCM offers construction inspection services that effectively address these challenges and are an essential investment for municipalities aiming to protect both integrity and taxpayer dollars. RQAW | DCCM CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION SERVICES: Budget Management Construction Management Contract Administration Field Inspections Materials Testing Quality Assurance Record Keeping Schedule Management When communities undertake significant development or transportation projects, they are under immense pressure to prioritize community safety, economic impact, and the responsible use of public funds. Opting for RQAW | DCCM’s construction inspection services is both a strategic and financially sound choice, ensuring projects not only meet current needs but are also long-term sustainable assets. OUR CONSTRUCTION TEAM IS KNOWN FOR: Partnering with RQAW | DCCM means committing to a future where public projects stand for durability, reliability, and fiscal responsibility. Your investment in construction inspection is an investment in your community’s future. QUALITY ASSURANCE Quality assurance involves more than checking a box; it ensures that every aspect of a project meets or exceeds the required standards and functional needs. Prioritizing quality assurance results in safer, more reliable infrastructure that can effectively serve its intended purpose. Projects that involve professional inspection services are significantly more likely to adhere to quality standards, reducing costly errors and delays that could disrupt project schedules and budgets. RQAW | DCCM is known for its historically high performance and technical expertise. We ensure municipal projects not only meet current standards but are also built with future demands in mind, thereby reducing the likelihood of costly corrections or repairs in the future. LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY AND COST SAVINGS Municipalities that invest in high-quality inspection services from the onset of a project are able to enhance the immediate outcomes of a project as well as positively impact their long-term sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Well-constructed projects require less maintenance, last longer, and are better suited to withstand environmental and operational stresses. This proactive approach to quality can result in substantial cost savings on future maintenance and prevents significant expenses associated with early infrastructure failure. For example, without hiring construction inspection services, a project that initially appears straightforward can turn into an unnecessary headache because numerous issues go unnoticed during early and critical phases of the project. The absence of inspections during preliminary foundation work could mean that critical issues are only discovered after significant progress has been made, requiring extensive corrections and emergency safety measures. This will not only delay the project but also significantly increase costs, which can be detrimental to the project budget. SCHEDULE AND BUDGET ACCOUNTABILITY Large-scale projects often face the risk of deviating from the planned schedule and budget, but RQAW | DCCM’s construction inspection services can mitigate this risk. Our inspectors act as the municipality’s eyes and ears on-site, ensuring that all contractors adhere to the predetermined timelines and financial constraints.  This oversight is crucial for not only maintaining fiscal responsibility but also the public’s trust. Our role in overseeing Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) projects demonstrates our capability to manage complex logistics and ensure compliance with the highest standards of project execution. Our extensive experience with INDOT projects has equipped us with unique insights and strategies that keep projects on track and within budget. HIGH PERFORMANCE PROJECT DELIVERY At RQAW | DCCM, we make it our mission to go above and beyond for our clients by providing dedicated service and expert guidance. Our history of successful project oversight statistically reports fewer unexpected issues and demonstrates enhanced efficiency upon completion. Our proactive approach to management and thorough inspection processes results in seamless project delivery and better performance outcomes that are essential for communities where public resources and satisfaction are at stake. CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION LEADERSHIP CHRISS JOBE, PE DIRECTOR OF CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION As Director of Construction Inspection, Chriss brings RQAW | DCCM’s clients extensive experience and expertise in construction contract oversight and management. He has a thorough understanding of all transportation construction types, including heavy embankment, geotechnical mitigation, bridge foundations, small structure installations, bridge construction, MSE wall construction, pavement subgrades, pavement rehabilitation, HMA pavement construction, PCCP pavement construction, urban intersection construction, water distribution, wastewater treatment, levee construction, and environmental mitigation. Chriss has earned industry certifications in stormwater management best practices, traffic workzone layout, utility coordination, contract claims avoidance, contract risk management, value engineering, constructability review, and critical path method scheduling. Additionally, he has been recognized throughout the industry for his ability to consistently advance and successfully deliver the most challenging construction projects.

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How RQAW | DCCM is Being Proactive to Manage Client Costs

When considering construction expenses, most would assume that the architectural design would be the most costly to a client; however, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems may constitute 25-40% of the overall construction costs, often representing the most significant portion of the budget. Failure to address these MEP costs in early planning and design stages can lead to budget challenges before construction even begins, resulting in unnecessary complications for the client. To circumvent potential issues, RQAW|DCCM’s MEP team has implemented a simple yet effective strategy, focusing on proactive planning and communication. This approach aims to align project parameters with the budget and ensure client satisfaction.

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RQAW | DCCM Director Promotions

RQAW | DCCM is pleased to announce two Director-level promotions, effective immediately; Nicholas Hoevener, PE has been promoted to Director of Roadway Services and Aaron Crow, PE has been promoted to Director of Water/Wastewater.   Nicholas has 10+ years of roadway design, structural design, and project management experience. Throughout his career, he has become well-known for handling multiple projects at various complexities, so having Nicholas lead the Roadway team will ensure excellent customer service and high-quality project delivery as we strive to exceed the expectations of our local clients and continue to grow and expand at the national level.       Aaron brings over a decade of experience in analysis, planning, modeling, and design services for wastewater, water, and stormwater projects and has helped many cities and towns pursue and secure funds for various utility improvements. He has played an integral role leading and growing the Water/Wastewater group for the last three years as a Senior Project Manager, and we are excited to watch Aaron take the Water/Wastewater team to new heights.  

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RQAW | DCCM Announces New Roles

RQAW is excited to announce two new roles that we are bringing to RQAW|DCCM. Effective immediately, Pete Peterson will be taking on the role of Vice President of Buildings and Places and Shane Spears will be the Vice President of Operations.   Pete has over 30 years of diverse industry experience in growing market share and negotiating complex business transactions. Over the last nine years, he has led our Business Development team during a period of record growth, and his involvement with both clients and projects in the Architecture and MEP industries makes him well-positioned to now lead our Architecture and MEP teams into the future. He will be working with leadership in those departments to continue bringing RQAW’s depth of expertise to our Indiana clients as well as exploring opportunities to expand our services nationally.       Shane brings 30 years of valuable experience in the transportation industry, managing a variety of daily operations at INDOT. In his new role as Vice President of Operations, Shane will continue overseeing the Water/Wastewater and Survey departments but will also begin overseeing operations in IT, Marketing, and Business Development. His focus will include developing and implementing new processes, strengthening existing relationships, and exploring new business opportunities.     These two new additions are both strategic and vital to RQAW’s growth and expansion as part of the DCCM brand, and we look forward to further success under their leadership.

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RQAW | DCCM Announces Lisa Casler as Company President

  RQAW I DCCM, an architecture and engineering firm located in Fishers, Indiana has announced Lisa Casler, PE as the new RQAW | DCCM President, effective February 2024. This marks a pivotal moment in the firm’s trajectory following its acquisition by DCCM, an infrastructure design firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1954, RQAW I DCCM has established itself as a leader in the industry over the last 70 years, providing exceptional service and helping their clients build thriving communities. Acquired by DCCM in 2022, this partnership has allowed RQAW to expand its reach and enhance its capabilities through DCCM’s diverse divisions throughout the United States. As a graduate of Purdue University and resident of Hamilton County, Casler has over 27 years of experience in the transportation engineering industry. She began her career in 1997 at the Indiana Department of Transportation, going on to work for an Indianapolis-based engineering firm for 12 years. Since joining RQAW in 2016, Casler has made significant contributions to the company’s success. She has excelled in her roles of Director of Roadway Services and, most recently, Division Director of Transportation, where she was responsible for overseeing the delivery of all transportation projects and services across seven departments. Her commitment to excellence and ability to lead has been instrumental in advancing the goals of the company. Troy Woodruff, former President and continuing Chief Executive Officer of RQAW I DCCM expressed unwavering confidence in the direction of the company, stating, “Lisa is a recognized industry leader in the A&E world and the ideal person to lead RQAW’s next chapter of growth and success. Her strong leadership prepares RQAW well into the future to better serve both our clients and employees. She not only earned this promotion, she is ready for this promotion.” James F. (Jim) Thompson, DCCM Chairman and CEO, also expressed his enthusiasm for Lisa’s appointment, stating, “Lisa’s leadership exemplifies the principles we value at DCCM. Her tenacity and drive are the same qualities that define DCCM’s success, and her strategic vision will undoubtedly propel our company to new heights.” As the first female President of RQAW, Casler will offer a fresh and unique perspective as a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. “I look forward to the challenge of shifting my focus from strictly transportation to the company’s overall bigger picture. Being a part of DCCM has given RQAW the tremendous opportunity to become a national presence while still nurturing our local client relationships, and I am committed to preserving the reputation we have built over the last seven decades. The future of RQAW I DCCM is very bright, and I appreciate the opportunity to lead this incredible team.”   Lisa Casler Project Experience I-70 Added Travel Lanes & Pavement Replacement | INDOT Greenfield District I-70 Road Reconstruction & Rehabilitation | INDOT Greenfield District I-65 Added Travel Lanes | INDOT Crawfordsville District I-65 Design/Build Road Reconstruction | INDOT Greenfield District US 36 Added Travel Lanes | INDOT Crawfordsville District Burkart Boulevard Bypass | Seymour, IN US 231 Intersection Improvement| INDOT Crawfordsville District Comfort Drive Roadway Rehabilitation | Montgomery County, IN 236th Street Rehabilitation | Hamilton County, IN On Call Plan Review | INDOT Central Office    

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Paving the Way for a Growing Community: US 36 Added Travel Lanes Phase 1

DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS Phase I of the US 36 Added Travel Lanes project was successfully completed in July 2023, designed by RQAW|DCCM. The recent growth of Avon significantly influenced the initiation of the project, as it led to heightened safety concerns and increased traffic in this very commercialized area. Project Manager Lisa Casler, PE and Public Involvement Lead Joe Dabkowski, PWS collaborated with INDOT Crawfordsville District, the Town, and community members to develop a design that addressed concerns and created long-term solutions without public controversy. The first phase of this project included roadway design, environmental documentation, waterway permitting, and utility coordination, all completed by RQAW|DCCM. (See Figure 1) US 36 originally featured two travel lanes, two through-lanes, no center median, and a central left turn. This layout became a safety concern due to left-turning vehicles having to cross three travel lanes to get to the adjacent road (See Figure 2). To enhance both safety and traffic flow, RQAW|DCCM worked with INDOT Crawfordsville District and the Town of Avon to develop a design that transformed the roadway into three travel lanes in each direction as well as a center median along with designated right and left turn lanes. Community involvement and input were a top priority for RQAW|DCCM throughout the project, as each stage required significant coordination. Lisa and Joe actively engaged with the public, addressing comments and concerns through public hearings and information meetings, which allowed for maximum transparency and communication with business owners and residents of the community. This proactive approach resulted in no public controversy throughout the development of the project, leading to a remarkable level of community support. Joe expressed appreciation about collaborating with a community that strongly advocated for the project, stating: RQAW|DCCM is currently designing Phase II of the three phase added travel lanes project, scheduled to bid in Fall 2027. For more information and project photos click here.

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The Linc and Lincoln Highway Garage Groundbreaking Ceremony

Please join the City of Valparaiso and project partners for The Linc and Lincoln Highway Garage Groundbreaking Ceremony and Reception on Thursday, September 14, 2023. The groundbreaking event will start at 2 pm located at 217 E. Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383. Please RSVP to Marci Palmer at Street parking is available. Lots are available at Michigan & Indiana, and on Morgan (between Indiana and Monroe).  

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Braun Named 2022-2023 RQAW Civil Engineering Scholarship Recipient at Indiana State

As the first annual RQAW Civil Engineering Scholarship kicks off at Indiana State University, the AEC firm is happy to announce that junior, Zachary Braun, has been chosen as this year’s scholarship recipient. Braun’s passion for mathematics and physics as well as his desire to make a difference in the lives of others inspired him to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering Technology. When talking about what the scholarship means to him, Braun said, “Receiving this scholarship opens up so many doors for me. Not only will this dramatically change my financial plan for the upcoming year, but it also means the world to me that it is coming from a company specific to my major.” After graduation, Braun hopes to put his degree to work at an engineering firm that is the right fit for him, wherever that may take him. RQAW‘s CEO/President, Troy Woodruff, noted that the concerning shortage of professional engineers in the state of Indiana became a catalyst in creating this scholarship for Indiana State University. “We must be producing not only highly-skilled engineers, but we need to keep them here in Indiana.” Additionally, Woodruff looks forward to seeing how RQAW’s scholarship will positively impact other civil engineering students, like Braun, for years to come. “Indiana State University is a place that is very important to me. It was the place that prepared me for my own professional career. If I can give back and help pay it forward, then I want to help with that.”  

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RQAW Water/Wastewater Engineers Save Alexandria City $22M

RQAW engineer Aaron Crow, PE managed a multi-stage plan which exceeded the projected goal, saving the city of Alexandria, Indiana $22 million. Through the focused efforts of Crow and his team, additional phases of the project were no longer needed, which mitigated any additional cost. Crow’s efforts were recognized by the City of Alexandria and covered by the Herald Bulletin.  Click here to read the full story.

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