Intentional design for lasting impact.

RQAW | DCCM architects design innovative buildings and public spaces to strengthen communities. As an industry leader in public safety, justice, and municipal design, our team has the talent and experience to prioritize client needs and navigate set budgets to deliver cost-conscious facilities with state-of-the-art features.

Public Safety

Our public safety studio specializes in designing functional facilities, including city and town halls, fire and police stations, and justice buildings. Our team is CPTED-certified, and many of our innovations have become gold-standard in public safety design.



Our justice studio is a leader in innovative correctional and justice facility design. We have experience in new construction, renovations, and expansions, and our portfolio includes more than 150 justice projects, from county judicial centers to federal correctional facilities.

Historic Preservation

RQAW | DCCM’s design architects bring careful attention to detail in historic and adaptive reuse projects. With a history of success in reuse projects, our team proudly repurposes historic and existing structures for modern life.



Our municipal studio has decades of experience in creating impactful, sustainable municipal designs. Our projects range from city halls and parks buildings to recreational sports complexes and highway department garages.


The RQAW | DCCM commercial architecture studio creates sustainable designs for diverse commercial spaces. Our capabilities span corporate headquarters, hotels, and shopping centers.



The RQAW | DCCM multi-family architecture studio designs projects across the United States. Our portfolio includes more than 60 multi-family complexes over the last 10 years, from 2-story suburban walk-up apartments to 5-story urban luxury residences.

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