RQAW Proud to Serve Greenfield Fire Station 22

GREENFIELD, IND— The Greenfield Community came together to celebrate the opening of the newly remodeled Greenfield Fire Station 22. The event was held on April 7 at 2:00 p.m.
RQAW was proud to serve as the architects of the addition and renovation, especially since they were the original designers in 1990. The existing facility was converted into offices and training facilities, while the addition serves primarily as the living quarters. There is also a museum that displays two antique fire trucks and various memorabilia.
Jason Horning, Greenfield Deputy Chief of Operations, expressed gratitude toward RQAW and the architects that worked on the project. “The opportunities for buildings like this for firefighters, especially our guys, are few and far between so it has been a big deal for them,” he stated.
RQAW would like to thank the Greenfield Community for giving them the opportunity to serve those who keep the community safe.

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